Blues, Jazz, Funk, And more!

yLunchz11:30-15:00 (L.O. 14:30)
yBARz18:30-23:00 (L.O. 22:30)

Show time 20:00-22:30

Show time 19:00-21:30


Table charge 400 yen/person on non - music days

Wefre really sorry, but most of us here canft speak English so we asked someone to translate this for us. Butcher isnft like most live music bars in Japan, which usually charge the bands money for the gchanceh to play. We want to support the bands that come out to play for us, but we also have bills to pay. So, we came up with a different solution. The bands that play on our regular live music nights pay no money to us, and we have no cover charge. Instead, we ask that the customers tip the band at the end of the night when we pass the box around. We generally ask people to throw in 1,000 yen, but if you had a good time, feel free to throw in more. ALL the money will go to the band, and whatever you can give, they will love you for it.
Thanks for coming to Butcher! Have a great night!

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0426 Spring Garden Bld. 3F
3-2 Naka-cho Hachioji city, Tokyo

Drink Menu

Jim Beam, Early Times 500 yen
Wild Turkey 8 Year 700 yen
Makerfs Mark 700 yen
Scottish Whisky
Ballantinefs 12 Year 600 yen
Glenfiddich 12 Year 700 yen
Laphroaig 10 Year 1,100 yen
Macallan 12 Year 1,400 yen
Other Liquors/Liqueurs
Jameson 600 yen
Canadian Club 500 yen
Jack Danielfs 600 yen
Yamazaki 12 Year 2,200 yen
XO 1,000 yen
Jose Cuervo Tequila 550 yen
Other drinks (Cocktails also available!)
Zima 700 yen
Umeshu (plum liqueur) 500 yen
Shochu (straight, on-the-rocks) 500 yen
Wine (Chardonnay/Cabernet Sauvignon)
Glass 700 yen
Half-Bottle 2,200 yen
Bottle 3,600 yen
Sparkling Wine/Champagne (per bottle)
Pompa DfOr 5,500 yen
Moet Chandon Brut 14,000 yen
Moet Chandon Rose 18,000 yen
Draught beer 600 yen
Ebisu (bottle) 700 yen
Heineken (bottle) 700 yen
Corona (bottle) 700 yen
Guinness (bottle) 700 yen
All-Free (non-alcoholic, bottle) 500 yen
Soft Drinks
Cola 400 yen
Ginger Ale 400 yen
Tonic Water 400 yen
Orange Juice 400 yen
Grapefruit Juice 400 yen
Lemonade 400 yen
Tomato Juice 400 yen
Oolong Tea 400 yen
Coffee 400 yen
Cafe au Lait 400 yen

Food Menu Also Available. Ask for details!